About Us

About Us
About Limerence Watches

The Future of The Luxury Watch Industry

Andreas and André are friends that were frustrated with the insane prices of luxury watches. They believed that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the look and feel of a luxury timepiece, without the exorbitant price tag. They wanted to figure out a way to make beautiful, luxury timepieces affordable and accessible to everyone.

As a result, Limerence Watches was founded, providing high-quality luxury timepieces for an affordable price. Limerence Watches offers innovative design utilizing the finest materials.

A Crowdfunding Success

On December 2017, Limerence Watches launched its first collection on Kickstarter. Andreas & André set their initial funding goal at $120,000 but were blown away with the amount of support for the brand.

People were astounded by the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail of each and every watch. The first campaign ended after 1 month after receiving an overwhelming amount of support. We are proud to be recognized as a world-wide brand and will continue to deliver authentic Norwegian timepieces to people all over the world.

The Story about Limerence
The Limerence Story

Authenticity and Peerless Design

Limerence Watches exceeded expectations by selling 1.2 million watches in 30 days. Since then, we have produced more watches and delivered them around the world. Customer’s have given outstanding reviews, praising our innovative design and authentic materials.

We have designs utilizing both automatic and quartz. With each design we have three unique styles to create diversity among our brand. We aim to accomplish great things, even greater than Rolex did in 1985. To use the same steel as Rolex, we had to use their factory. Instead, we saw an opportunity to produce this steel on our own.

Skeptics were the first to shake their heads in disbelief saying, “Only you and Rolex are so crazy about this 904L steel.” To be blunt, YES we are! We are here to make the finest watches for everyone.

Why choose Limerence?

At Limerence, we’ve changed the game by creating our very own steel. Robust construction, forged with lasers and cutting-edge machinery, our steel is nothing short of exemplary.

Innovation of new materials is uncommon to others but not for us. In fact, the only notable company to create their own steel is Rolex. Our prices are done the right way. What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to create masterpieces with the finest materials.

Swiss movements from ETA are just one ingredient of our stellar line of watches.

About Limerence Watches

Why you’ll fall in love with Limerence

At Limerence we use only the finest materials on the market. We combine Swiss made parts with Italian leather craftsmanship to create an unparalleled design. Movements are the heart and soul of a watch. As a result, our watches use ETA 2824-2 Swiss made movement, so that your watch is built with quality and reliability in mind.

Our watch straps are made of high quality calf to ensure that your watch is durable and dependable. Norway is known for many things such as oil, breathtaking scenery, fish and now luxury watches. Many people fall in love with Norwegian success stories.

Petter Stordalen and Fred Olsen are some of the greatest entrepreneurs to come out of Norway. They both revolutionized the travel industry with luxury cruises and hotels. Limerence is a new chapter to the story, connecting people with one thing they all enjoy, luxury.

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